From the land of the Incas, high in the mountains of South America, comes one of the worlds finest and rare fibers. Alpaca fiber is silky, very soft, and wonderfully warm.

We carry a number of quality alpaca products made both here in the USA and in South America. We help support a number of mini mills in the USA and have enjoyed seeing the North American fiber industry grow over the years.

We do not have a regular brick and mortar store, however we welcome you to our web store and hope you enjoy your visitfrom the comfort of your own home. We carry a number of high quality alpaca garments, alpaca socks, outerwerar, decor, toys and more, all of which have the heavenly texture and hand of alpaca fiber. Items like our very special 100% alpaca handwoven shawls are a unmatched statement of good taste.

Everything you see pictured on our web store is physically here at hand. Our products are not drop shipped from a central supplier to you after ordering. These items are in our inventory. If we run out of an item it will be noted on that items page and will be back in stock in a week. If it will take longer we will remove the item from our site until we do get it back in stock.

We ship priority mail so most orders arrive in three business days!

We are delighted by your interest.