Shearing is a service we offer to our clients only. In other words, folks who have bought their animals from us. They of course dont have to use us but it is a service most other farms dont provide and we feel it offers a competative advantage to do this for them.

This will be our sixth year shearing and have a new bunch of hands to help out, a couple of High School seniors that seem to like doing the job.

We had a good shearing season last year and hope for the same this year. We look foward to seeing your farms again!

We recommend you shear between the middle of April to the first of May in this part of Virginia. Things can really heat up here after May.

The Shearing Charges

I charge $30 per animal for shearing the animal the way YOU want. This charge includes toe-nail trimming, fleece bags, and taking fiber samples on request. I will provide a air compressor for you to blow out dirt before shearing a animal. I will also provide fiber/name tags.

  • Shearing                                                   $30.00/head
  • Teeth Cutting  (front and/or fighting)       $10.00/head
  • Catching Alpacas                                       $5.00/head
  • Mileage                                                       $0.50/mile

We prefer to shear farms with less than 30 animals. This means we will go to farms that the “big shearers” wont go to.


Some things we ask you to do for a good shearing day:

  • Have all your animals caught up, clean, dry, and ready to go.
  • We need room to work and good electric service.
  • At least one person from the farm to help, two are better. I am sorry, I dont know Fluffy from Buffy!
  • Please be ready to work when we get there.

Shearing Table

Save your back and knees! This inexpensive shearing table is easy to set up and will store in about the same space as a sheet of plywood set on end.

The frame is welded steel and is bolted together. The top is plywood laminated with easy to clean Formica. All the parts can be easily obtained from your hardware store, marine(boating) store, or tack shop.

Only $900.00—You pick up.