Released : November 9, 2010

 Just a few last minute things to take care of for the up comming Virginia Christmas Market. We have been busy making a few alpaca ornaments to decorate the booth with. I think they came out looking pretty good!

We started by making a template which was then traced onto the plywood. We made a book of plywood 10 pieces deep and taped the sides together to keep the pieces from moving. We then used a bandsaw to cut out this book and so ended up with 10 alpaca blanks. We got a acrylic paint set from Ben Franklin for $5.00. The acrylic is nice because it covers in one coat, cleans up with water, and dries fast. We then added a few stickers and called it done.

This would be a great kids project. Just make sure to use lots of plastic and newspaper to contain the mess.

Of course some of you very artistic folks out there would probably want to paint them to look like your own alpacas.