Released : March 13, 2013

It’s not quite spring yet but the signs are all there. The seed catalogs are looking a bit tired from all the attention and the daffodils are up and ready to bloom.

Our market garden has been disked up and the compost pile is almost ready to go into it. The seeds we ordered this winter have all come in and the garden planting is all planned out.

The weather guessers are calling for it to be 78 tomorrow. I guess the alpacas will not be happy with the sudden change. We are all wondering what happened to Winter this year. Its very tempting to start shearing in March but I have to remember what happened last time we did that. It snowed Easter! There is nothing sadder than to see a bunch of naked alpacas shivering in your field. (some goodwill shirts solved the problem) We will start shearing mid April again so we have time to go through the equipment one more time.

Too early to plant, too early to shear, a tough time of year.